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2014-05-01 15.35.03_small_edit

Igreja de São Marco in Braga Portugal

It’s been a long time, too long. Back in 2009 when I started this blog, it was supposed to be a personal twitter space where I could post memories and things that were happening. In the first few years, I only made sporadic posts but at least I posted. But then things went dark, for about 2.5 years. So, what’s up?

It’s hard to look back over that time frame and analyze the reasons but the highlights are easy. New baby now 2 years old, changed jobs and moved across the country. Time flies when you’re having fun.


View from my new home office 🙂

So what’s the plan for the blog? This is my new theme at work – Planning, project management and commitment.

And just like at work, this process is very constructive. As I start to lay out this plan, I just figured out what happened! I think I know why I haven’t been blogging.

When I finally wrote this  down I realized there was a correlation between the time I stopped blogging and the time I starting browsing Reddit. Therefore, jokingly I blame everything on Reddit.

My plan to get back blogging has been in the works for some time. Back in February,  I decided that I needed to start  again. The reason I put it off for 2 months is because I was waiting to get a new phone. This happened in mid April with my purchase of a new Samsung Galaxy S5. In addition to just kicking the blog back up, I also want to fill in some of the time since July 2011. To do this, my plan is to use my saved items on Reddit and post older photos from that time frame.

I have gotten into the habit of browsing Reddit everyday. When I wake up, when I have free time and before going to bed. Everyday – It’s the front page of the Internet. I also have the habit of saving items on Reddit that sound interesting, but never go back and look at the post.

Therefore, it is my idea to spend some time exploring my saved posts and documenting it here. I will back-fill  the blog using the dates the items were posted.

I don’t want to define it to much because I haven’t really looked back at the contents of these  saved posts. So, we will see how it goes.


Statue of St João from a small church near our house.
As mentioned, I also plan to search back though my old pictures and try and remember what was going on at the time. This will also fill in the gaps of the 2.5 year absence.

So why the rebirth of the blog? Well, besides the new phone, maybe some inspiration also comes from being back In Portugal. It’s spring time and the weather is nice. I’m mainly working but hopefully, I will have time to take some pictures and find some geocaches.

That’s all for now. Tchin tchin.


View from my bedroom at night as I write this post.


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Truly Delicious Wordflux   1 comment

The requirement to blog is not present in everyones life but lately is has become a fun and enjoyable part of our everyday life. Our creation (mostly my wife’s creation), Delicious WordFlux has been the driving factor of this requirement. Delicious WordFlux has also fostered a need to cook delicious food and to document and enjoy life. I mostly just enjoy the food and help out with the technical side of the blog ;-).

I am very proud of this blog as it shows off our talents and drives us to do more. Just like the picture above of the “Padrão dos Descobrimentos” which represents an idealized view of exploration, the blog drives us to go beyond what we would normally do in everyday in the pursuit of more ambitious goals.

On the other hand, my blog is place to come when I have something to say, It is for the documentation of things going on around me. Like I say it is “just for the love of it”. Its not suppose to be a journal or a complete archive but rather a snap shot of time.

So I come today to try out a new workflow for blogging. I have heard that you can write a blog post in MS Word, then directly copy and paste it to the wordpress editor. The hyperlinks will be preserved and the pictures will automagically upload.  So, I’m going to try it.

UPDATE: I tried it and now I’m typing in the WordPress editor. The process went well as I am comfortable writing in MS word. The only issue I has was with the images. I had to upload them directly to the site though the normal channels. The links however remained in place and after saving the draft, I was able to edit the post to my liking.

This post has reminded me of the only Calvin and Hobbes comic I ever read in the newspaper. The strip was published on New Year’s Eve in 1995 and was the last one ever published. I cut this comic out of the paper that day and had it framed for my office. It shows the enduring optimism spirit I enjoy so much in life.

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Days and Days   Leave a comment

Time is passing quickly these days. So much to do, so little time. But, having a lot to do is not a bad thing! Not at all, being bored is worse (not worst).

This picture is from a photo I took back in 2009 in Cascais. It was one of the first times I had gone out with the sole intent to photograph. I remember the moment when it was taken specifically because I was telling myself to take my camera out of my backpack and shoot something. This was the first thing I saw. SO when I needed a subject to practice on, this picture came to mind. My intent was to make a photo look like a painting. Not sure if I accomplished it but there it is. I like it, maybe not for the content but for the memory. Art for Art sake, that’s why this picture was taken.

Perhaps this is a better example of a photo I made look like a painting

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Winter Wonder Land 2010   1 comment

Back from the winter wonderland of the north, we have made it though Christmas and looking forward to 2011.

Since, the last post many things have happened. As soon as I got back from the trip we rushed to find a new place to live. One month to find a new house is not easy, and with few suitable option this was stressful. At the last-minute, a nice condo came on the market and we pounced on it.

The space coast is treating us well. We are more settled in now that we know we’ll be here for at least a little while.  Enough so that we even got to take a vacation. 1500 miles of driving took us to 3 states including being snowed into a mountain cabin for a few days.

The time was well spent in a new environment. It made me appreciate a warm meal again and the comfort of a 4 star hotel (which is where we spent the following 2 days celebrating our anniversary).

After returning Christmas was upon us, actually we celebrated minus the gifts this year. Warning the family early allowed us not to have to worry about gifts and just enjoy our family and friends.

Although, I have to say that I do enjoy giving and receiving presents, its nice to take a year off every now and then. All this vacation and non-gift giving has me obsessing about cameras again. I’m wanting a new Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM Lens but what we want and what we need are two different stories.

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Business Travels   Leave a comment

Two weeks of business travel has left me ready to return home. I miss my family but have enjoyed my trip. I trying to pass the time on the plane.  This blog is like a journal and this is a time I want to remember.


The time in Boulder has let me have some time to reflect on what’s going on. The last 8 months have been very focused on work and moving and settling down to our new life. These weeks have given me time to step back review the progress.

I’ve realized that I actually enjoy the variety of my work. Spending years and years on the exact some goal seems tedious at this point. I like solving multiple problems everyday.

Also I  missed my family very much.  I want to be with them everyday and not miss anything. They need me too, so I think a life of business travel would get very tedious very fast.

As for my last post, I feel a little more room and not as bound.

Boulder has some very nice weather. The summer in Florida this year wad brutal. It was so hot going outside was uncomfortable. It does get much colder and snow but the humidity is bearable at least. Well its something to think about moving forward.

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Structured Express   Leave a comment

Summer is here and time is marching along. The morning and afternoons are less hectic now that we have moved closer to work. There is more time to enjoy life and that means spending more time at home and less on the road. More time for living, planning our future and taking care of business.

Like the place I visited this morning, the road ahead seems very straight and narrow from here.

Is that a good thing? Well in some ways it is because the direction is determined but there isn’t much wiggle room. We are trying everything we can to loosen up the grip but our fingers are turning white at the tip because we are gripping the wheel so hard. At least the scenery along the way is good.

The time to catch a new ride because we are not turning back now.

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Sunning His Wings   Leave a comment

The winter was cold but that is over now. The flowers of spring on showing and the weather is warm. Spreading his wing this great blue heron enjoys the warm rays of the sun and is a metaphor for making it though the long winter.

The summer is on it’s way and will arrive before we know it. Let’s enjoy this time as it is a good time to be spreading our wings.

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